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Jonathan lives and works out of Richmond Virginia. He and his wife enjoy travel rewards, coffee, board games, Chipotle, and spending time with their two dogs, Zoey and Kiki. The have a love-hate relationship with frugal living and like to find ways to maximize quality of life while minimizing expenses.

At the age of 28, Jonathan graduated college as a pharmacist with $168,000 in student loans. Now, 4 years later, he has clawed his way out and is pursuing Financial Independence.


“I know this information has the power to change lives. Turn off the TV and start working for freedom.”

In His Words

My hobby and passion over the last 5 years has become learning new skills and looking for ways to develop passive income streams. I also love to talk about what I have learned. I ran out of people in my immediate social circle to share all this awesome information with. Enter ChooseFi…

I am so excited to get to collect and talk about all the financial life hacks as my side hustle.

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