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EP 003

Learn how devastating Fees can be to you net worth and how to avoid them How to invest your 401k?  Nobody knows! Index funds and low cost ETFs are the way to … Listen Now

December 23, 2016 8 Comments

EP 002

Brad Barrett’s shares his entrepreneurial journey online Learning about online business from Tim Ferriss Drop shipping business online with firewood racks bought from Flippa SEO strategies and getting crushed for black hat … Listen Now

December 19, 2016 0 Comments

EP 001

Introducing a Finance Podcast by FIRE for FIRE In Today’s Podcast we cover: Welcome to ChooseFI’s first podcast from Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett What  the ChooseFI finance podcast is all about: … Listen Now

December 18, 2016 12 Comments

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I enjoy listening to these guys. There’s lots of practical & actionable tips & advice for everyday life.

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