093 | Look at the Problem Differently | The RideShare Guy

Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy, talks about what it takes to be a successful Lyft and Uber driver, the strategies he used to start his blog, and how he transitioned from aerospace engineering to full-time blogging.

What you will hear on today's show:

  • How did Harry find out about financial independence and choose to pursue it?
  • What entrepreneurial ventures did Harry investigate before he started to really strategize?
  • How did he move from being an aerospace engineer with Boeing to running a blog about ride sharing?
  • Did Harry make his college choice because he was intending to study science?
  • What did Harry’s personal finances look like as he was transitioning from college to working professionally?
  • How did Harry’s dad become a semi-retired bassoon repair man?
  • Did Harry do anything specific to make himself stand out during the scholarship application process?
  • How did Harry’s co-workers inspire him to leave a really comfortable, lucrative job?
  • What is the pivot from being an engineer to getting interested in ridesharing?
  • Will Uber and Lyft make you rich?
  • What impacts a person’s ability to make money through ridesharing businesses?
    • Bigger cities = higher demand
    • Willingness to drive later hours and weekends = more demand and higher pricing
    • Drivers cover their own expenses (gas, depreciation, etc)
  • Most drivers are making $10-$15 an hour, a bit more in larger cities.
  • Better drivers make better money.
  • How would someone bump up their rates?
    • Find times of high demand
    • Be a savvy driver. Not every passenger or every route is good for business
  • What is the upper end of what’s possible?
  • Driving for Uber is super flexible, and can be cashed into your bank account within 20 minutes.
  • What is the Destination Filter and how does it help someone optimize their time to be an occasional rideshare driver?
  • How did Harry get started, before he had an followers or blog posts?
  • What strategies did Harry use to establish relationships with reporters, media and large-audience new outlets?
  • When did Harry make the big transition from working for Boeing to managing his website full time, and how?
  • Best cities for driving: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, New York, Austin, Dallas.

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3 Replies to “093 | Look at the Problem Differently | The RideShare Guy”

  1. As a former Boeing systems engineer (Everett, WA), I can also say that the disgruntled nature of my colleagues was one of the primary catalysts to get me out of that profession. Nothing like looking around the office at your miserable colleagues to give you a very clear picture into your future life.

  2. Very good podcast–even when I don’t think the topic will have anything to do with my life I always glean something from every episode.

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