081R | The Fear of Letting Go

Strategies for decluttering and living with less (reflecting on Cait Flander's interview with us on Monday), life hacks from the community, and a winner for the free ticket to CampFI in Joshua Tree!

  • The ChooseFI community is growing and gaining national attention.
  • Local Groups are really effective in some parts of the ChooseFI community.
  • Jonathan joined some members of the Richmond local group to purchase a mosquito fogger to share between them.
  • What else could be a shared purchase?
  • Cait Flanders, from Monday’s episode, talked about taking control of your life, and decluttering her whole life.
  • How do you take control of your life?
  • Could you live with less?
  • Why doesn’t Brad use a budget, and how does he still manage his finances well?
  • Why does Brad hope his daughter reads Harry Potter?
  • Voicemail from Kristyn, from fortheloveoftidy.com and the Spark Joy podcast, talks about her FI progress, and tips for decluttering:
    • Map out your ideal living environment; think about how your clutter fits into that.
    • Ask yourself tough questions about the clutter in your life.
  • What is tough about decluttering for Jonathan?
  • How does Kristyn keep track of her “bit-sized wins”?
  • Why did Jonathan finally get rid of his grad-school notes?
  • Voicemail with a suggestion based on advice from The White Coat Investor, to employ children as models for his website, to add legitimate money to his kids’ retirement accounts.
  • Facebook post from Heather about how her son found a job without a car.
  • Message from Louima, who was inspired by Cait’s Monday episode, and is contemplating a reduction of her FI number.
  • Email from Mark with some FI hacks:
  • Update: Brad is working to establish a scholarship for a Treehouse student to learn coding, in partnership with Every Child’s Hope.
  • Winner of the ticket to CampFI in Joshua Tree: Danielle!

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  1. I had to laugh about the Timex watch. I owned a Timex Ironman for about 15 years and it only died last year. So I got another one for about $30. Call it the $2/year watch.

    As “the most interesting man alive”, I must declare: “I don’t wear a watch very often. But when I do, it’s a Timex Ironman Classic.”

  2. The Timex Ironman Watch. Yes! I’m on #3 (I’m 48). Used on in high school for track & cross country, had #2 up until last years vacation where it finally gave out from too much salt water getting in it. I put it on my father’s day wish list and I SO happy to get it. My wife told the kids I’d be thrilled with it and I was!

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